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Aviation Supervisor-Pendjari and W National Parks, Benin-2020


Aviation Supervisor – Pendjari and W National Parks, Benin

Position Title : Aviation Supervisor

Location : Benin, Operations Bases, Pendjari & W National Parks

Reporting to : Field Operations Managers – Pendjari & W National Parks

Start date : ASAP

Type of contract : Full Time job with a fixed term contract

Closing date : 30 September 2020



The Aviation Supervisor is responsible for managing all aspects of aviation in the Pendjari and W National Park and finding and building on means to synergize aviation operations with W National Park in order to reduce cost for both parks and increase efficiency. Apart from administrative duties, the Aviation Supervisor will also count piloting aircraft among his duties when required.

Aviation logistics

· Manage a logical planning of assets and resources of Pendjari National Park and ensure that aviation needs are met in both through crew rotation, maintenance sharing and synchronizing operations with W National Park;

· Ensure that all aviation licenses, documents, insurance and authorizations required to legally operate each aircraft with the designated pilot are in order at all times;

· Maintain an excellent relationship with ANAC and other authorities in order to ensure quick processing times and outstanding service;

· Manage stock of regularly used consumables and spares so that no more than two supply consignments are required annually;

· Maintain a relationship with ATB and ensure that all incoming flights are reported, known and adequately prepared for at least 24hrs in advance;

· Adhere to the APP Aviation SOP’s with a special focus on ensuring all pilot documentation is in order;

· Accurately project fuel, spares, consumables and other needs and the cost thereof to contribute to the budgeting process each September;

· Maintain open lines of communication with W National Park to support their aviation operations in a manner which will allow the two Parks to combine resources in effective aviation management on the middle term;

· All other aviation related tasks as requested/instructed by either FOM (W & Pendjari).

Aircraft maintenance

· Carry out all maintenance on time and on budget;

· Ensure that any external maintenance needs are projected and booked well in advance;

· AMO/AME/AP coordination and booking;

· Report all issues aircraft to the FOM with a plan of action and ground if deemed necessary.

Flight management

· Assign pilots or fly oneself to ensure that all internal flight demands are met as a function of need & budget;

· Ensure that all aircraft and operator safety requirements are met as per international standards;

· Ensure that all scheduled surveillance flights are conducted on time and data recorded;

· Ensure that all scheduled ferry flights are conducted on time and prepared for accordingly;

· Ensure that the impact of unscheduled support flights and scheduled ferry flights on surveillance flights is limited to the highest degree possible whilst maintaining general aviation standards and adhering to legislation.


· Weekly joint-flight planning with LE/Conservation/Logistics and ensure that it is closely adhered to;

· Report back on each week’s flight planning every Friday morning;

· Submit a brief weekly report on key points in aviation every Friday;

· Produce a monthly report by the second day of every new month; Monthly Safety meetings.


We are looking for someone who is passionate about conservation and wants to be part of a growing, dynamic team who are responsible for aviation management of African Parks. Ideally, this person sees this position as an extraordinary opportunity to help save wildlife and wild places across the continent through being involved in exciting but demanding aviation services. Ideally, the candidate has the following or comparable qualifications:

· At least 1500hrs logged on any type;

· Demonstrative experience managing basic maintenance of ULM and Cessna 182s;

· Demonstrative experience in managing the logistics of a fleet of aircraft in a remote location;

· Strong communicative competencies to interact with officials;

· Demonstrative experience in handling administrative formalities;

· Relevant accreditation to carry out basic maintenance and inspections on a Rotax engine (200hrs) a benefit;

· Relevant licenses/permits to carry out maintenance and inspections on both a Cessna 182s and a Rotax engine;

· Relevant FAA license is a plus;

· Bilingual (French/English) with excellent written and spoken competencies in the former;

· Strong reporting skills;

· Ability to work well within a team and accept constructive criticism;

· Goal-oriented, self-motivated, creative, highly flexible and adaptable to change;

· Adhesion to African Parks values


· Commensurate with experience

How to apply

Please submit in a single PDF format your CV, cover letter and proof of related work experience explaining why you are a suitable candidate, along with three references to or with subject heading: “Aviation Supervisor Position_LAST NAME”. **


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