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Communication Expert SUB-SAHARAN AFRICA KENYA (home-based)–Go Blue maritime security project (M/W)-August 2020

Mission description for Communication expert SUB-SAHARAN AFRICA

General objective of the mission

Under the supervision and guidance of Expertise France, the general objective of the mission is to provide a positive image of the project towards Kenyan and international stakeholders, and ensure visibility thanks to regular contacts and updates on social networks and any other relevant communication tool. Under the supervision of the team leader and Expertise France, the expert is in charge of all communication supports to be developed (leaflets, kakemonos, newsletters, press articles…) as well as media coverage and logistics of major events (protocol, use of communication supports, photos, etc).

Specific objectives (non-exhaustive list)

  • A visibility and communication strategy is developed, implemented, and if needed fine-tuned;
  • Communication material is developed, updated and disseminated among partners;
  • Regular updates are published on communication supports and community management is ensured;
  • Relations with journalists and partners are undertaken in order to set up interviews and articles;
  • Events are well-organised, with media coverage ensured.

Description of tasks (non-exhaustive lists)

  • Draft, implement and if needed fine-tune the visibility and communication strategy for the duration of the project;
  • Develop IT communication and information tools, such as a newsletter, etc.;
  • Ensure regular updates on the project’s activities through all communication supports (Twitter, Facebook, website, LinkedIn, etc.) by compiling major activities implemented by the project and regularly exchanging with the experts and Expertise France, in order to collect relevant information;
  • Ensure the visibility of the project thanks to exchanges with journalists and maritime partners, setting up interviews, publishing articles, managing media relations, providing media training if needed, etc.;
  • Create and update a maritime community database;
  • Develop, with the contribution of the project’s experts, communication material (leaflets, reports, press releases, newsletter, etc.). Establish and implement a dissemination plan for the material. The communication expert will be the direct point of contact for service providers linked to communication actions;
  • Ensure proper visibility and communication logistics of the events that will be organized (kick-off meeting, working groups, ceremonies, etc.): protocol with the guests, goodies to be developed and distributed, organisation of communication (kakemonos, banners, media coverage, photos, etc.);
  • Collaborate with the Go Blue programme communication expert to ensure that the Go Blue maritime security project’s communication is aligned;
  • Determine communication and visibility indicators with the monitoring and evaluation expert and provide her/him updates on those indicators;
  • Any other task having to do with communication identified during the project’s implementation, at the team leader’s or Expertise France’s request;
  • Participate in the writing of the annual implementation report to the donor.

All communication material produced will have to be validated by the management of the project before publication and dissemination.

Expected deliverables (non-exhaustive list)

  • Monthly reports
  • Mission reports
  • Communication and visibility plan
  • Communication material
  • Newsletter
  • Publications on social networks
  • Publication of articles / appointments for interviews
  • Participation to the annual implementation report to the donor

Project or context description

The project “Go Blue: Strengthened, effective and integrated maritime law enforcement capacity and capabilities to protect the maritime domain and its sustainable development” (outcome 3) financed by the European Union Delegation (EUD) in Kenya under the 11th European Development Fund (EDF) will be implemented by Expertise France (EF). The project aims to contribute to the development of the blue economy in Kenya through the improvement of inter-agency cooperation and inter-operability between maritime agencies.

Kenya has started prioritizing the blue economy as the seventh sector to drive the achievement of its Vision 2030 development agenda. This position was reaffirmed by the president at the launch of the Big 4 agenda for Kenya and during the Sustainable blue economy Conference held in Nairobi in November 2018. A number of key political messages were delivered during this Conference including, the importance of ensuring safety and security in high seas to facilitate global trade, connectivity and  safe businesses; to aggressively combat illegal, unregulated and unreported fishing and to take measures to enhance security and safety of collective waters. In order to translate these political orientations, Kenya also established in September 2018 its coast guard service, to be deployed in territorial waters.

To obtain the full benefits of its blue economy, Kenya needs to secure its maritime domain by developing interoperability and inter agency cooperation of its national agencies. Fighting against illicit activities at sea requires a multi stakeholder approach. All maritime security actors, the judiciary, legislative, private sector, civil society and local communities have to be included in response to maritime safety and security challenges.

Within the Go Blue programme, the project aims to help Kenya strengthen maritime law enforcement to protect the maritime domain and its sustainable development. Its specific objectives is to contribute to strengthen the capacity of Kenyan agencies involved in maritime security by fostering agency cooperation with a special focus on the Kenyan Coast Guard Service.

Three results will be sought:

  1. To encourage effective cooperation amongst all Kenyan maritime agencies by assisting the Kenyan authorities in developing and implementing a maritime strategy which includes the development of the blue economy;
  2. To support the effective implementation of maritime law enforcement in Kenya, especially by the Kenya Coast Guard Service, in order to create a favourable environment for economic growth;
  3. To enhance regional cooperation in maritime security.

Required profile

Education / qualification

  • University degree in communication, international relations
  • Fluent in spoken and written English
  • Requested highest demonstrable professional competences on:
    • Inter-cultural communication
    • Team work
    • Autonomy and initiative

Professional experience

  • A minimum 5 years professional experience in communication
  • Experience of international cooperation projects, especially funded by the EU

Additional specific requirements

  • Knowledge of or experience in East Africa, and especially Kenya
  • Capacity to work under pressure
  • Ability to evolve in a political and sensitive environment
  • Demonstrated cultural sensitivity, negotiating and diplomatic skills
  • Experience on the theme of maritime security will be an asset

Additional information

Condition of the mission

  • The signature of the contract between Expertise France and the M&E expert will depend on the signature of the contract between Expertise France and its donor.
  • Duration of the contract: 48 months, 10 days / month
  • Beginning of the mission : September or October 2020 (to be confirmed, depending on the signature of the project contract between Expertise France and its donor)
  • Contract: Service contract. The expert will have to ensure that all the administrative and fiscal requirements related to his activity in her/his country are respected.
  • Budget: To be determined according to the candidate’s profile. Please include the expected daily fees requested (cost / day) in your application.
  • Working conditions: The expert will be home-based. Occasional missions to Mombasa, Kenya. Occasional missions to Paris, France.


Selection criteria for the shortlist (/100 points)

Training 25 points
Relevance of academic training / studies 5 points
Fluent English (spoken and written) 20 points
Professional experience 40 points
Relevant experience of at least 5 years in communication 20 points
Experience of international cooperation projects, especially funded by the EU 20 points
Additional specific experiences 35 points
Knowledge of or experience in East Africa, and especially Kenya 15 points
Demonstrated cultural sensitivity, negotiating and diplomatic skills 15 points
Computer skills 5 points


Selection criteria during the oral interview with the 3 persons selected on the shortlist (/100 points)

Oral communication skills

Ability to convince

Interpersonal skills

Understanding of the mission and of the project of which it is a part of

Competence for analysis, synthesis and organization

English proficiency

10 points

15 points

15 points

30 points

15 points

15 points



Applications must be submitted no later than Sunday 30th August, 2020, in French or English, with:

  • CV (preferably in the EU format)
  • Cover letter
  • Daily fees proposal (cost / day)

Selection criteria for applications

The selection process for candidates will be based on the following criteria :

  • Candidate’s expected linguistic understanding
  • Candidate’s training/skills/experience

Deadline for application : 2020/08/30 23:59


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