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CTG Global Job Uganda-Food Distribution and Monitoring Specialists-2020

CTG Global Job Uganda is looking for Food Distribution and Monitoring Specialists
Skill Required:, Monitoring and Evaluation
Preferred Experience:
5 years

Job Description-CTG Global Job Uganda

Overview of position

To mobilize community for Registration, Verification and Distribution, set up Final Distribution Points (FDPs) according to our client’s standard distribution procedures and provide end user monitoring and accurate documentation on all food distributions.

Role objectives

The main responsibilities of the Consultant will include but not limited to the following:

Food Distribution

  •  Liaise with Warehouse staff on distribution planning and food dispatching from Warehouse to Final Distribution Points (FDPs).
  •  Ensure that all commodities entrusted to our client arriving at FDPs are properly accounted for.
  •  Scrutinize all waybills for commodities arriving at the FDP.
  •  Ensure that the foods are of correct quantities and quality as manifested on the waybill. Immediately record all quantities delivered short (missing), quantities lost in transit and quantities damaged if any. All observations must be recorded immediately. Commodities must carefully be counted during offloading.
  •  Ensure FIFO is observed at all storerooms in all FDPs.
  •  Train FDP Management Committee in commodity stacking, counting, weighing, and FDP Complaints Committee on Complaints handling process.
  •  Train beneficiaries on Donor, Implementing Partner, Program, Duration, Selection Criteria, and Ration Sizes.

Project Monitoring

  •  Monitor the distribution of foods for every FDP and produce reports.
  •  Submission of distribution plans for each FDP and actual beneficiaries to the District Coordinator for approval.
  •  Review all the FDP Documents and compare with the Master Beneficiary List. Record all changes and report them regularly.
  •  Follow up on Beneficiary Complaints from Help Desk and give Beneficiaries feedback of their complaints.
  •  Prepare Distribution Center Visit Reports (DCVR) and Food Monitors Report after every Distribution.

Key competencies

  •  Fluent English speaker
  •  Advanced negotiation skills
  •  Creative and proactive personality with „can do” approach
  •  Leadership skills
  •  Experienced with working to deliver company’s KPIs
  •  Advanced computer skills

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