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Exciting Danida Country Programme, Chef d’équipe Burkina Faso, West and Francophone Africa – July 2020

Danida Country Programme Chef d’équipe Burkina Faso, West and Francophone Africa – This assignment is expected to be part of the future Danida Country Programme to Burkina Faso for the period 2021-2025, currently being formulated.

According to the draft Country Programme:
“Civic engagement to promote human rights and social cohesion, Burkina Faso. 2021-2025”

Denmark is one of the main partners that has provided institutional support to national civil society organisations over the years, which has been critical for building stronger organisations that are able to mobilise people and hold power holders accountable. Furthermore, Denmark supports a strong, vocal, independent and diversified civil society through mutually committing partnerships between civil society actors in Denmark and in Burkina Faso.

Experience has shown that it is essential to support local associations and organisations in carrying out their own strategies to make the voices of civil society heard, but there are currently relatively few donors in Burkina Faso that provide this kind of support. In the current context, civil society can fulfil a constructive role, giving opportunities for a wider range of society to be actively engaged in voicing their concerns and influencing decision-making.

Through its bilateral engagement, Denmark will continue to support the expansion of the role and capacity of civil society and the population’s ability to freely express their attitudes and opinions and participate in democratic processes with a special focus on organising young people to play an active role in society. This includes initiatives focusing on promoting human rights that can build bridges across society and promote peaceful conflict resolution. We will give special attention to preventing conflicts related to management of natural resources such as land and water, as well as artisanal mining.

Expected Outcomes of bilateral Support to human rights and social cohesion:

•The Danida Country Programme will  Increased civic engagement, especially among women and youth, for the promotion of human rights and social cohesion.

Danida Country Programme, Qualifications required

Only the experts meeting the set criteria will be shortlisted and contacted.

• Niveau d’étude supérieur (niveau Master) dans le domaine de droit, sciences sociales ou humaines, économiques, développement ou équivalent.
• Min. 10 ans d’expérience de travail professionnelle et notamment dans l’appui aux structures de sociétés civiles.

Professional experience required

• Basé à Ouagadougou au Burkina Faso et sera chargé de l’ensemble des activités de l’équipe de projet ;
• Expérience confirmée dans la planification et la gestion de projets/programme dans le domaine de société civile au Sahel et préférablement au Burkina Faso ;
• Expériences prouvées en gestion de fonds et de gestion administrative de projets ;
• Disposé de bonnes connaissances et expériences de l’Afrique de l’Ouest dans les domaines d’intervention de coexistence pacifique, consolidation de paix, réconciliation, la société civile, gestion de conflits et anti-radicalisation ;
• Connaissances et expériences précédentes avec des projets des jeunes, médias, recherche-action ;
• Expérience confirmée dans le management d’équipes multidisciplinaires ;
• Connaissance des questions transversales (changements climatique, genre, droits humains);
• Expérience internationale.

Duration : Max. 5 ans – Expert LT

Commencement : 2021

Deadline For Applications: 2020-09-30


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