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Jobs in Togo-Production Manager Lomé Togo-August 2020

Jobs in Togo-AfricSearch Dakar is recruiting for one of its clients: Production Manager Lomé Togo. AfricSearch is one of the leading Head-Hunting and Human Resources Consulting firm for Africa. AfricSearch works to bridge the skills gap in Africa


In 2014 AfricSearch entered in partnership with Alexander Hughes, an international Executive Search firm advising senior management on key talent acquisition: Executive and non-executive Directors, senior managers and recognized experts. The firm has been operating for 60 years. The AFRICSEARCH-ALEXANDER HUGHES group is present in more than 40 for countries worldwide, with a team of more than 150 consultants covering several fields of expertise from financial services to technology.


Reference: AFS / BT / AV

Position offered: Telemarketer / telepros

Deadline: 05/09/2020

Region: West Africa (Togo)

Activity sector: Marketing / Communication / Media

Job description / Functions / Responsibilities:


Activity sector: Call center, contact center, call center …


The Sales Facilitator will be under the supervision of the Production Manager. Its main mission is to animate the sales team and manage production on a daily basis in order to guarantee the achievement of objectives while developing the skills and productivity of salespeople, under the authority of the Sector Manager and of the Site Manager. He supervises a team of between 8 and 15 people.


The Production Manager Lomé Togo Realizes and comes in reinforcement in the accompaniment and the coaching of the salesmen;

The Production Manager Lomé Togo  Supervises manages, organizes and then animates the implementation of the commercial action;

The Production Manager Lomé Togo  Ensures the monitoring of the sales force in order to increase results and formalize exchanges with employees and in particular support plans, tapping sheets, work instructions and disciplinary sanctions,

The Production Manager Lomé Togo  Controls and evaluates the quality of the work of the sales teams and identifies any deviations,

Control and respect of the internal regulations and the rules of conduct of the company.


Animates and sells in calls to strengthen the team’s figure,

Provides useful information using visual aids and tracks the achievement of business objectives.


Checks and informs in real-time his team and his N + 1 of the commercial performances of the day,

Set up a daily report of all sales indicators.



Follows the progress plans of his team members and sets up the appropriate coaching actions


Reports to the Sales / Sector Manager / Commercial Director

PROFILE Experience: 03 to 04 years in a similar position Diploma:

Bac + 2 to 5 training    In Customer Relationship Management,


In Marketing, Commerce

In purchasing, distribution and customer relations

Contact center,

call center SKILLS Commercial Techniques and Products

Knowledge of call center technology

Knowledge of the product range

Knowledge of VAD regulations

Use of IT tools: Office, Access,

Outlook Management and Animation

Knowledge of Management techniques

Knowledge of Briefing and Debriefing techniques

Knowledge of coaching methods    Knowledge of sales promotion methods

Knowledge of meeting facilitation techniques


Business techniques and products;    Know how to sell;    Know how to monitor business results;

Know how to develop a commercial operation;

Know how to use statistics; Management and Animation

Know how to communicate orally and in writing;

Knowing how to lead meetings;

Knowing how to set goals;

Knowing how to mobilize team members around objectives;

Develop action plans;

Apply the rules and directives defined upstream;

Human Resources Management

Knowing how to develop schedules;

Manage conflicts and tensions;

Knowing how to reward and sanction;

Knowing how to manage change Work organization

Knowing how to organize work;

Know how to manage a project;

Manage priorities;

Know how to prioritize the actions to be implemented;

Plan your tasks efficiently;

Additional Information:

Relational Sense and Communication

Listening skills;


Ability to give meaning to action;

Power of persuasion;

Assertiveness (ability to express oneself and defend one’s ideas, an attitude of firmness);


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