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NGO Jobs in Zambia-Winrock International-ARISE Zambia Project-2020

NGO Jobs in Zambia-Winrock International recruits (3 Openings) for ARISE Africa Project.ARISE is a program to help eliminate and prevent child labor in targeted communities in Zambia

1. Program Manager, ARISE Zambia

Position Details

Reports to: ARISE Africa Regional Program Director

Supervises: Field Coordinators (Chipata and Kaoma), Finance and Administration Officer


Roles and Responsibilities


Program Management and Representation

  • The NGO Jobs in Zambia-Winrock International Program Manager Manages all program activities in Zambia for ARISE III, including direction and supervision of overall program implementation; recruitment and supervision of staff and consultants; timely preparation and submission of Zambia reports; and preparation of work plans and tools for the Zambia program.
  • Serve as the primary liaison in Zambia for Winrock with the ARISE donor/partner and the Zambian government.
  • Manage partner NGOs and consultants on implementation, monitoring, reporting, and M&E issues.
  • Provide technical assistance and support to ARISE Zambia consultants and partner NGOs in child labor/protection.


Staff management and Financial Oversight

  • The NGO Jobs in Zambia-Winrock International Program Manager Manages the performance review process for ARISE III Zambia staff, working with staff to establish and meet personal performance objectives and developing performance improvement plans if necessary.
  • Review ARISE Zambia financial reports and documents such as FOVs and wire requests before their submission to the Winrock Home Office/Regional Office.
  • The NGO Jobs in Zambia-Winrock International Program Manager Manages project assets and oversee financial activity, including maintenance of internal control procedures to ensure that expenses are reasonable, allowable, and necessary and that project assets and premises are used for project activities.


Coordination and collaboration

  • Participate in country-level Country Coordinating Committee (CCC) meetings and share reports and agenda with the Africa Regional Director.
  • Establish strong collaborations and linkages with key line ministries such as of labor, education, agriculture, community development as well as with workers and employers’ organizations


Technical Leadership

  •  Assess the achievement of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and work with the rest of the team members to design Quality Improvement (QI) strategies to address any observed shortfalls.
  • Develop/review compliance and adherence to the ARISE program SOPs and mentoring matrix
  • Ensure that the project is implemented as per the SOPs and where and when necessary make revisions to the SOPs.
  • Working with the ARISE African Regional Director, design or adapt tools and training packages that build the capacity of ARISE beneficiaries and stakeholders.


Reporting and other tasks

  • Lead the drafting and development of monthly, quarterly, and annual reports.
  • Document success stories, best practices, and lessons learned and share them with the rest of the program team to facilitate continued improvement and impact.
  • Prepare and deliver presentations during ARISE technical meetings outlining the progress on deliverables and their impact on child labor reduction/elimination.
  • If called upon, and time permitting, support Winrock in new business initiatives that build upon the ARISE program and expand Winrock’s efforts in Zambia through the identification of consultants, competitor analysis, etc. in new business capture work or proposal meetings/assignments from time-to-time as deemed necessary.
  • Other duties as assigned.


  • Advanced Degree in Social Sciences/Development Studies/Community Development/Education/ Extension/Rural Development or other related fields from accredited institutions of higher learning.
  • More than 5 years progressive experience in a project management role with an I/NGO preferred.
  • Experience with community led and centered programming on child protection/child labor focused projects preferred.
  • Excellent report writing and presentation skills
  • Strong interpersonal skills and passionate with the organization’s goals and structure.
  • Self-starter, optimistic and a thought leader capable of inculcating a motivated team and appetite for results.

The deadline for applications is August 24, 2020

Apply Here

2. Field Coordinator



POSITION TITLE:               Field Coordinator – Achieving Reduction of Child Labor in Support of Education (ARISE III

LOCATION:                         Chipata, Zambia

UNIT:                                   Civic Engagement and Social Equity (CESE)

GROUP:                              Civil Society & Education

Essential responsibilities:

  • The NGO Jobs in Zambia-Winrock International Field Coordinator Works with district and community/area based officials to start/re-activate District Community Child Labor Committees (DCLCs) and Community Child Labor Committees (CCLCs)
  • Follow up on plans for child labor mainstreaming and integration by different community-level structures, e.g., DCLCs, CCLCs, village government, FBOs, CBOs.
  • The NGO Jobs in Zambia-Winrock International Field Coordinator Follow up on action plans by CCLCs and other community-level stakeholders and where necessary provide technical support to the communities for the sustainability of the advocacy for child labor reduction and elimination.
  • The NGO Jobs in Zambia-Winrock International Field Coordinator Work with JTI Leaf Technicians and other stakeholders to orient communities on ARISE toolkits.
  • The NGO Jobs in Zambia-Winrock International Field Coordinator Work with the schools to form anti-child labor clubs, follow up on the activity plans of the clubs, and build the capacity of teachers to enhance the quality and impact of the clubs.
  • The NGO Jobs in Zambia-Winrock International Field Coordinator Work with and build the capacity of CCLCs and DCLCs to implement child labor awareness activities.
  • Collaborate with ARISE staff members and other government and CBO stakeholders to ensure successful VSL group and individual businesses, group dynamics, and cohesion among VSL/agribusiness groups and, when necessary, provide trainings to reinforce them.
  • The NGO Jobs in Zambia-Winrock International Field Coordinator Support and report on youth vocational education linkages and programs. Support youth and VSL groups’ action plans and linkages to community- and district-based markets and extension services.
  • Assess the capacity of CCLC members and other ARISE groups and recommend cost-effective initiatives/activities that will build their capacity in addressing child labor among smallholder tobacco farmers.
  • Working with other ARISE staff, take a leading role in the organization of ARISE awareness days, World Day against Child Labor (WDACL) commemorations, donor visits, and other field visits.
  • Work with ministry extension workers and other change agents to ensure follow up for referrals for psycho-social care and other services for child beneficiaries, provide technical assistance, support VSL groups, etc.
  • Attend district and ward meetings with relevant stakeholders when possible to inform them of important activities for their buy-in and support of the project’s goals.
  • Document success stories for the program and contribute towards the writing of country update reports, quarterly reports, and annual reports.
  • Work with the CCLCs to collect/verify and enter data from ARISE groups, schools, etc. and submit it to the Program Manager monthly.
  • The NGO Jobs in Zambia-Winrock International Field Coordinator Compile monthly field reports on programmatic achievements and concerns.
  • Complete other tasks as assigned by Winrock.

Qualifications and background:Successful candidates will have solid experience facilitating, monitoring, and reporting on programs in complex rural environments with a wide variety of stakeholders. Specific experience and specialization in at least one of the following is required: child labor prevention/eradication, agricultural training/education, youth development, community mobilization, and/or economic empowerment.

  • A diploma in community development, education, social welfare, agriculture, or other relevant field.
  • At least five years’ experience in implementation of community centered and driven projects
  • A strong understanding of community development and group dynamics and project start ups
  • Experience in capacity building, especially community training, is desired.
  • Strong skills in interpersonal relations, communication, and collaboration with the donor and key stakeholders.
  • Experience with participatory community based Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E)
  • Ability to work independently and adhere to the highest ethical standards required.
  • Candidates should be able to ride a motorbike .

The deadline for applications is August 24 2020

Apply Here

3. Consultant : ARISE Zambia CAP Assessment and Development


  • Purpose, Objectives and Focus of the Assignment

The purpose of this assignment is to determine how the current ARISE groups/structures can sustain efforts to reduce or eliminate child labor and build their own capacity at the same time.

The specific objectives of this assignment include:

  1. To assess ARISE structures and groups (CCLCs, VSLA, anti-child labor clubs, MFS/YPC) and provide functional and comprehensive descriptive and analytical updates focusing on composition, tools they are using now, challenges, opportunities, sustainability mechanisms and support they need to sustain their activities and achievements.
  2. Provide technical insights (based on the findings of the above) on what the groups/structures should include in their community action plans (CAPs) as well as how they can plan, review their plans and develop successor plans. It is recommended that the consultant validate these with the community groups/structures.
  3. Evaluate the relevance of CAP responsive trainings implemented during 2019 by the ARISE team (and make recommendations for follow-up or new trainings that will enable the groups to implement and monitor their CAPs.
  4. Using findings from all the of above, recommend areas of support, specific to each community, that the structures and groups need to be provided in order to sustain the objectives of the program. Alternatively, recommend new approaches to continue without project support.


  • Key Deliverables & Tasks for the consultant

The consultant is expected to provide the following deliverables:

  1. Inception Report: Detailing the overall approach and methodology for the assignment including inclusion criteria, purposive sampling methodology (for key informants), tools to be used for the assignment, and a systematic and comprehensive work plan. Winrock will need to review and approve the inception report and tools before data collection. Winrock will provide primary documents to the consultant such as annual reports, quarterly reports, success stories, training reports, draft toolkits, project KPIs and Logframe.
  2. Data collection and analysis: Using agreed upon tools, the consultant is expected to lead and participate in data collection. It is expected that data will be collected through survey of all ARISE structures (focus group discussions), key informant interviews, and desk reviews (from available literature that will be provided to the consultant). Considering the COVID-19 situation, the consultant is expected to provide suggestions on how data will be collected in light of  government restrictions and COVID preventative measures, but without compromising the quality of data to be collected.
  3. Draft Report: The consultant is expected to submit a draft report of the assignment for review/feedback/input by Winrock. The required structure and outline of the report will be presented to the successful consultant.
  4. Power point presentation: The consultant will present key findings and recommendations of the assignment to Winrock (15-20 slides).
  5. Final Report: The consultant is expected to submit the final report and other deliverables after working on all comments/feedback/input from Winrock.

The consultant will work in collaboration with the Field Coordinator based in Kaoma, Zambia, and will report to the Regional Director and Regional M&E Advisor based in Malawi.


  • Qualifications & Experience of the consultant


  1. Must possess Master’s level degree in Development Studies/ Social Science/Community Development/ Rural Development/ Agriculture/ Demography or related fields from reputable and accredited institutions of higher learning.
  2. Demonstrable progressive hands-on experience in project review/evaluations. Samples of past similar assignment need to be provided.
  3. Strong knowledge of community action cycle (CAC) process and/or other community planning/assessment processes highly recommended.
  4. Experience with community-led approaches and social mobilization on child protection and child labor programming is desirable.
  5. Knowledge of community structures in Western Province and their potential roles in child labor mainstreaming and integration a plus.
  6. Strong report writing and presentation skills a requisite.
  7. Fluency in Lozi is preferred.


  • Application procedure
  1. Technical Proposal: A maximum of 10 pages detailing understanding of the assignment, methodology, sampling framework, and work plan.
  2. Resume: Maximum 3 pages (including all assignments done and at least 3 referees – e-mails, phone numbers and work done for them).
  3. Samples of Previous Assignments: At least 2 samples of reports done by the consultant. Links are also encouraged to be included where possible and applicable.
  4. Budget: This to include daily rate for consultancy fees (inclusive of taxes), total time (days) required to complete the work, and an indication of direct operational costs (travel, lodging etc.).

All submissions ( to be sent in PDF) to cc , and with the subject line “ARISE Zambia CAP Assessment and Development.” The deadline for applications is August 24 2020.



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