Consultant on Product and Policy Expert on Poultry and Livestock Market Nigeria-August 2020

Consultant on Product and Policy Expert on Poultry and Livestock Market

Company Overview:

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Primary Duties and Responsibilities:

Name of project/programme: Propcom Mai-karfi

Terms of reference for:

Individual consultant on policy and product expert in Poultry and Livestock Markets

Number of consultants required: 1

Propcom Mai-karfi is a DFID programme aimed at increasing incomes for the poor in Northern Nigeria through enhanced employment opportunities and improved productivity in selected agricultural market systems in Northern Nigeria. Propcom Mai-karfi recently got a 3 years extension (2018-2021) with focus on the North East (NE) states and 3 North West states- Kaduna, Kano and Jigawa states. The aim is to influence INGOs in the NE states to shift from humanitarian to development and to implement market recovery and systems development programmes across the targeted states.

The project has over the last few years worked in the areas of poultry health and improved poultry husbandry. It has also facilitated activities in poultry marketing and livestock.

In this phase, the project intends to implement the following strategies under poultry and livestock;

1. Expand commercial access to veterinary products and services through a network of community animal health workers (CAHW).
2. Generate demand for veterinary services through expanded networks of community vaccinators (CVs) and vaccination campaigns.
3. Build the capacity of poultry and livestock producers on basic husbandry techniques to increase their flock sizes and survival rates
4. Facilitate output market linkages for poultry and livestock products.

Currently, the Poultry and Livestock team is managing 10 partnerships and sub/service contracts, facilitating activities across the 9 programme states working with both the public and private sectors to improve the livelihood of smallholder farmers (SHF). Expectedly, these partnerships require facilitating several intervention activities, running concurrently thus causing a strain on the existing human resource. The team has identified that for the various models and interventions to be sustained after the end of the project, distributors need constant supply of vaccines that is usable for the SHF. To meet up with the planned schedules and execute planned activities with precision, the team requires the support of a consultant.


Seek consultant to support in facilitating;

1. Alternative sourcing of poultry and livestock vaccine, work with an established and interested vendor(s) in Nigeria to purchase the vaccine and distribute the vaccine across identified distributors in the PM programme states.
2. Develop policy related interventions in the poultry and livestock market that will improve the livelihood of poultry and livestock farmers such as the CAHW programme.

Specific Activities

1. Support NVRI to improve the efficiency of vaccine production and supply to distributors working with smallholder farmers.
2. Identify alternative manufacturers of thermotolerant Newcastle and PPR vaccines.
3. Facilitate the establishment of business relationship between international manufacturers and in-country distributors/pharmaceutical importers in Nigeria, at competitive pricing
4. Lead in expediting activities to secure waivers and import licences from relevant regulatory authorities and institutions in Nigeria and country of vaccine manufacture.
5. Identify key distributors across PM project states willing to buy these vaccines from the pharmaceutical importer at the agreed wholesale price
6. Broker linkage between importers of thermotolerant Newcastle and PPR vaccines and key distributors across PM project states
7. Monitor vaccine uptake at state levels.
8. Lead programme advocacy on the CAHW implementation to relevant authorities to increase adoption by public and private veterinary community
9. Lead all focal discussions with Veterinary Council of Nigeria (VCN) council members, states and other important bodies.


1. At least 2 international sources of PPR and NDV-i2 vaccines identified with demonstrable interest in marketing with Nigerian market.
2. Written commitment from at least 2 pharmaceutical importers willing to import from the international sources of the thermotolerant vaccine
3. Evidence of agreement signed with/between one pharmaceutical importer and an international manufacturer on thermotolerant vaccines at a competitive price
4. Detailed list of key distributors that have agreed to offtake vaccines from the pharmaceutical importer(s) at a wholesale price.
5. At least 2 stakeholder meetings with council members of Veterinary Council of Nigeria
6. Update reports to VCN on states-run CAHW programme.
7. Monthly updates to PM on tasks accomplished
8. Consultancy report at the end of contract, containing the following sections;
(i) Background
(ii) The activity(s)
(iii) Objective
(iv) Outcome
(v) Identified constraints and suggested solutions
(vi) Action steps
(vii) Conclusion
(viii) Annexes

The Consultant will work from place of residence and may be required to make frequent travels to Lagos, Abuja, PM project states and sites of international manufacturers.

The consultant will report to the Tier Leads and work closely with the Market Manager in charge of Poultry and Livestock Intervention

Required Qualifications:

. Relevant academic qualification in Veterinary Medicine, Agriculture, Business, Marketing or related discipline.
. Extensive experience in vaccine production with good knowledge of existing international manufacturers of thermo-tolerant vaccines in Africa
. Good understanding of the regulatory requirements for the registration of animal vaccines and veterinary pharmaceuticals with NAFDAC
. Previous experience and the ability to work with the political environment to favor the market
. Excellent knowledge in pitching with relevant authorities on a subject matter
. Experience in negotiating deals
. Excellent report writing and presentation
Excellent knowledge in the use Microsoft office suite.
NOTE: Proficiency in Hausa language will be an added advantage

Selection criteria;
Criteria                                                                          Weights (%)
Detailed CV with referees & evidence of previous work       40
Technical Expertise and proposed broad strategic activities 40
Daily rate and Tax Identification Number                              20
Total                                                                                     100


Email as one attachment;

1.A detailed CV and cover letter
2.Evidence of similar work done
3.Tax Remittance Number and proposed daily rate(sent separately on attached excel sheet)
4. Proposed approach and broad strategic activities (not more than 3 pages)

All document should be sent in Microsoft Word or PDF formats to

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