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Knowing the Stages of Rice Production in Nigeria 2020

The stages of rice growth

Knowing stages of rice production in Nigeria 2020 is it likened to “laying the foundation”? This is because to have high yields the rice plant needs to have many tillers which will in turn give many panicles and grains. The plant also needs to be fully green (a sign that the plant has enough food to be used later to fill the grains). All farm activities during this phase e.g. producing good seedlings, good soil preparation, early transplanting, early weeding, NPK and urea fertilizer application, etc. are all meant to positively influence the number of tillers, the greenness (the food to be used later) and to achieve maximum plant growth.

 What does “building the store” represent in knowing the stages of rice production in Nigeria 2020.? The rice grains found on the panicles are actually the end product of rice farming efforts. The more the panicles the more the grains. The grains represent the store and the larger the store the more space that can be filled. In fact, the farm activities at about this period such as second weeding, the second application of nitrogen fertilizer and proper water management are aimed at helping the plant maximize the formation of large panicles and many grains, meaning plenty and large stores in which the rice plant can store its product.

 What does “store filling” represent in knowing the stages of rice production in Nigeria 2020? At this phase, the rice plant fills the grains mainly from what is already stored in the plant stem and leaves. As soon as the flowers appear, the food already produced in the leaves and stored in the plant begins to be mobilized into filling the grains. If the foundation was well laid and the stores were well built, then the store will be well filled, meaning there will be many panicles with full, heavy grains and harvest shall be plenty.

It is important in knowing the stages of rice production in Nigeria 2020 in other carry out the activities at the optimum time

W0                     W11 W12               W15 W16                W20
Week 0             to            Week 11 Week 12     to        Week 15 Week 16       to          Week 20

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