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Rural Finance Specialist Zambia, Southern Africa,July 2020

The rural finance specialist will work to implement small grants and facilitate links with microfinance institutions/tools in order to support livelihoods and livestock diversification. In addition, s/he will educate on access to financial services, establish savings clubs and support increased participation in insurance programs.

Qualifications required

Only the experts meeting the set criteria will be shortlisted and contacted.

MSc in Economics, preferably with major in the financing, accounting, or banking.

Professional experience required for Rural Finance Specialist

Min. 10 years’ experience in working with national or international financial institutions, or international experience in capacity building for saving groups, financing rural programs; loan guarantee instruments, individual guarantees and loan portfolio guarantees
Comprehensive experience with marching grants investments will be an advantage.

Duration : 36 months |Commencement January 2021

Deadline For Applications:2020-08-31

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