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Senior Family Planning and Reproductive Health Advisor, MOMENTUM Integrated Health Resilience Project Location: Juba, South Sudan-2020

Senior Family Planning and Reproductive Health Advisor, MOMENTUM Integrated Health Resilience Project Location: Juba, South Sudan

Summary-Senior Family Planning and Reproductive Health Advisor

Pathfinder International is seeking a Senior Technical Advisor for the MOMENTUM Integrated Health Resilience (MIHR) project in South Sudan. MIHR is implemented by IMA World Health, with Cooperative for Assistance and Relief Everywhere (CARE), GOAL USA FUND, JSI Research and Training Institute, and Pathfinder International.

This position will provide technical expertise to design and implement strategies and activities that will increase access to high-quality FP/RH services for women of reproductive age, including adolescents, young mothers, and underserved or marginalized populations.

The Senior Technical Advisor will oversee a team of program managers and support staff, and in coordination with the Chief of Party (COP), will collaborate with Ministry of Health counterparts and other local and international implementing partners. As the project is expected to align with the objectives of the Government of South Sudan, the Technical Advisor will also provide support to ensure all activities support in-country priorities, complement existing initiatives, and include plans for sustainability and the country’s journey to self-reliance.


Key Job Outcomes-Senior Family Planning and Reproductive Health Advisor

  • Oversee the technical design of the program’s FP/RH strategies and activities, including ensuring the use of state-of-the-art approaches and application of FP High Impact Practices;
  • Supervise a team of technical officers responsible for day-to-day implementation of FP/RH activities, providing ongoing support to ensure high-quality implementation.
  • Collaborate with project technical staff to strengthen the FP/RH capacities of MOH and other counterparts, including NGO partners;
  • Provide technical support to MOH during development or review of evidence-based and context-responsive FP/RH policies, and strategies that incorporate state-of-the art approaches and application of high impact practices;
  • Identify opportunities of FP integration into other health and non-health sectors and advise MOH and in-country agencies on effective integration approaches and tools
  • Design or adapt and support implementation of a family planning quality assessment tool;
  • Provide technical support to MOH during FP/RH advocacy efforts, including but not limited to, strategic leadership on the interplay between FP/RH, and health and development, promoting healthy adolescent and youth, gender and SBC actions for FP/RH, client-centered approach to expand access to FP and contraception services from the community to the facility levels,  among other ingredients for a successful FP/RH program;
  • Provide strategic leadership and coordinate with government and in-country agencies and programs to integrate FP/RH with the broader health, educational, vocational, and other non-health interventions that meet the needs of the population in a contextual manner;
  • Contribute to knowledge and skill transfer among MOH and MIHR staff to enhance integrated programming for increased use of family planning services;
  • Collaborate with the MIHR gender team to integrate gender aware and gender transformative FP approaches and strategies in implementation;
  • Assist in the development of new service delivery packages for assisted facilities;
  • Assess and assist family planning approaches in the private sector;
  • Assist in the revision of the training curriculum for HPs and CHWs
  • Assist in the training of health care workers in private and public facilities in key FP and MNCH methods as well as key principles of contraceptive security
  • Contribute to analyzing, synthesizing, and reporting program outputs, results, and learnings in close collaboration with the monitoring and evaluation (M&E) team;
  • Ensure data is applied to improve program quality and enhance reach and impact;
  • Under the guidance of the COP and in collaboration with field-based staff, facilitate national-level stakeholder meetings;
  • Lead project quality improvement initiatives;
  • Maintain effective communication, coordination, and positive relationships with key counterparts, such as from USAID, Government of South Sudan ministries and divisions (e.g., Ministry of Health/Reproductive Health Division), multilaterals such as UNFPA, other international implementing partners, and local NGOs;
  • Ensure compliance with USAID regulations and MIHR guidelines;
  • Represent the project as needed, including at technical meetings and workshops;
  • Create and sustain a work environment of mutual respect where the project team strives to achieve excellence;
  • Contribute to the writing of programmatic reports and work plans; and
  • Perform any other tasks that the COP assigns


Minimally Required Job-Specific Competencies-Senior Family Planning and Reproductive Health Advisor

  • Proven senior expertise in providing technical support to governments and in developing and implementing effective FP/RH programs in partnerships with government entities and donors
  • Knowledge of state-of-the-art FP/RH, tools, methodologies, and staff oversight
  • Familiarity with USAID approaches and regulations
  • Knowledge of community and health service-based FP programming
  • Strong experience and expertise in client-centered contraception information, counseling and services
  • Experience using learning and data to improve FP programming
  • Knowledge of the context in South Sudan, including relevant government processes and policies

Minimally Required Organizational Competencies:

  • Excellent interpersonal skills and demonstrated ability to lead and work effectively in teams
  • Creative problem-solving skills with the ability to work effectively in resource-constrained environments
  • Strong interpersonal and capacity building skills for training, mentoring, and coaching
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills in English

Required Education, Training and Experience:

  • Bachelor’s degree required
  • Clinical degree or Master’s Degree in a relevant area, such as Public Health, Ob/Gyn, or reproductive health preferred
  • Minimum 7 years’ of professional experience designing, managing and implementing donor-funded FP/RH programs
  • Knowledge of and experience working in South Sudan preferred

Other information-Senior Family Planning and Reproductive Health Advisor

  • Qualified local candidates are strongly encouraged to apply
  • Job location – this position will be based in Juba, South Sudan
  • In-country travel will be required, and regional travel may be required

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