World Bank consultancy in Niamey Niger- GIS, M&E, Mobile Data Collection Specialist-Fluency in French & English-November 2020

World Bank consultancy in Niamey Niger for  GIS, M&E, Mobile Data Collection Specialist-Fluency in French & English

Addressing issues related to Fragility, Conflict, and Violence (FCV) is critical for the World Bank Group (WGB)’s twin goals of eliminating extreme poverty and promoting shared prosperity in a sustainable manner. FCV countries will increasingly have the largest share of the world poor in the medium term.

The demand for WBG expertise and operational engagement on FCV has increased over the last years, and it is expected to further grow in the period to come. The challenge for the WBG is to maximize the impact of its engagement on FCV issues, by:

(i) mainstreaming and scaling up FCV programs across the WBG; (ii) ensuring quality and impact, including by developing new, evidenced-based business models where needed; and (iii) leveraging partnerships with other development, humanitarian organization and stakeholders. The FCV Group aims to steer and drive the FCV agenda within the WBG, and to ensure consistency, complementarity, and synergies in approaches across the WBG.

The World Bank consultancy in Niamey Niger program in  includes both a solid analytical portfolio and financing projects totaling US$ 600 million in commitments. Operations are being implemented in an environment of regional insecurity and low capacity.

In response to this context, the WBG is increasing its focus on issues of fragility, conflict and violence (FCV), forced displacement, and the humanitarian-development nexus. This includes a new project to improve access of refugees and host communities to basic services, livelihoods, and safety net (PARCA), the Lake Chad Regional program, focusing on capacity building and knowledge exchange around the Lake in addition to infrastructure and economic opportunities. Under IDA 19, Niger is also potentially eligible for the Prevention and Risk Allocation (PRA). Further, the WBG is leveraging new technology such as Geo-Enabling for Monitoring and Supervision (GEMS) systems for more effective delivery and supervision in FCV environments.

The GEMS method enables project teams to use open source tools for in-field collection of structured digital data that automatically feeds into a centralized M&E system. The integrated data can include any kind of indicators, based on tailor-made forms. Using these tools systematically allows operations to enhance the transparency and accuracy of M&E.


Focus of the GEMS method: The core of the GEMS methodology is an interactive face-to-face or online training with 2 main aims:

a) Building M&E capacity among government agencies, WBG Task Teams, and Country Teams to use the GEMS methodology independently and sustainably, customized to their specific project needs.

b) Implementing the method systematically across the portfolio, to allow for real-time supervision and coordination of operations via a centralized platform that puts all field data on an interactive map.

II. Scope of work and deliverables of the consultant-World Bank consultancy in Niamey Niger

The World Bank consultancy in Niamey Niger through its Niger country office is implementing an increasing number of activities related to addressing fragility, conflict and violence in Niger and the broader Lake Chad region. A consultant is being sought to support the Country Office, in particular the FCV country coordinator and relevant project teams in the following activities:

· Support the coordination of the ongoing implementation of the GEMS methodology in the CMU. **

· Support the administration of the CMU’s GEMS system, based on a KoBo Toolbox platform.

· Deliver GEMS capacity building trainings to project task teams, client Project Implementation Units, and select partners in the CMU.

· Leverage GIS and geospatial analysis at the demand of the CMU, including work on Conflict Risk Monitoring.

· Support the sustainable application of the GEMS method across the CMU’s portfolio and ensure that gradually all projects are integrated in the system.

· Support back-office tasks required for the systematic application of the GEMS method across the WBG portfolio.

· Provide follow-up support to clients, the CMU and project teams to ensure that the system is leveraged sustainably.

· Ongoing support for various tasks of territorial assessment and geospatial mapping

· Continued support to World Bank project teams and Government of Chad project implementation units by organizing training on GEMS, adapting project data collection questionnaires and providing analytical, technical and logistical support during the entire duration of the project in order to promote the collection of data on GEMS;

· Support for the preparation and monitoring of operations financed under the Allocation for Prevention and Resilience (PRA) and the Window for Host Communities and Refugees (WHR);

· Analysis of the various facets of fragility, forced displacement and other FCV initiatives.

· Explore options for collaboration on data exchange and analysis with partners.

· Produce practical guidance material and use complementary field-appropriate ICT tools and procedures for operational engagement in FCV contexts.

· Support the preparation of a monthly briefing note on the GEMS implementation throughout the portfolio of the country.

III. Selection Criteria-World Bank consultancy in Niamey Niger

The ideal candidate will have a primary expertise in M&E, FCV, GIS, ICT and digital data collection systems as well as an in-depth understanding of World Bank operations, policies and procedures. S/he will be familiar with ways in which technology can be applied to monitor projects and other dynamics on the ground and will meet the following selection criteria:

a. Fluency in French, enabling the consultant to conduct interactive technical trainings and to produce high-quality written outputs in French.**

b. Proficiency or fluency in English is preferred.

c. Master’s degree or PhD in either (i) engineering, geography, or computer science; or (ii) economics, development studies, international relations, public policy or a related field. In both cases, specific experience in using ICT to boost development effectiveness will be crucial.**

d. At least 5 years of experience in issues related to M&E, ICT, geospatial analysis or development/humanitarian work, with a clear demonstration of the ability to apply technologies to solve the challenges of development/humanitarian interventions.**

e. Advanced GIS skills and proven experience with geospatial data and analysis (through ArcMap, QGIS, R, and/or Python)**

f. Proven experience in using mobile data collection tools, such as KoBoToolbox, ONA, SurveyCTO, SurveySolutions, etc.

g. Knowledge of M&E systems, especially as they apply to fragile contexts, demonstrated through field experience.**

h. Knowledge of Bank operational policies and business practices is a plus.**

i. Demonstrated initiative, leadership skills, innovation and drive for results including ability to undertake a diversity of tasks within a rapidly changing and demanding environment on short deadlines.**

j. Excellent communication skills, with an ability to adapt to an audience that is operational, but not necessarily knowledgeable of ICT issues.**

k. Advanced skills in MS office applications, in particular Excel and PowerPoint.**

l. Excellent workflow management skills and a proactive attitude.**

m. Solid knowledge of the development and humanitarian cooperation landscape in Chad**

IV. Administrative Arrangements-World Bank consultancy in Niamey Niger

The selected consultant will be contracted by the FCV Group for a period of 60 days, at a fee to be negotiated with the supervisor. The Consultant will report to a Task Team Leader based in Chad or Niger. S/he will closely collaborate with the CMU, more specifically with the CMU’s FCV Country Coordinator who will lead the coordination of GEMS in the CMU, and the FCV Group colleagues based in the CMU. The Consultant will also interact with other WB initiatives such as the Geospatial Operational Support Team (GOST) based in Washington DC, and with other relevant teams, as needed.

The contract will comprise the Fiscal Year 2021 (until June 30, 2021). The consultant will be based in Niamey, Niger, but can be expected to travel within the country and to other client countries in Africa, in particular in the Sahel.

How to apply-World Bank consultancy in Niamey Niger

Please apply by sending a motivation letter (1 page maximum) and a resume in English to the address Please add “Application for World Bank consultancy in Niamey, Niger” in the subject line. Only successful candidates will be contacted.


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