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Kenya youth employment in the agricultural and food industry in western Kenya

Reducing the youth unemployment rate is a declared goal of the Kenyan government in order to counteract the social and economic marginalization of large sections of the younger generation. The business climate in Kenya is friendly to the private sector. Due to the size of the sector, the diversity and differentiation of the value chain and high work intensity and the increasing demand for high-quality food, the agricultural and food industry has the greatest potential for creating income and work for young people.

Team leadership tasks

Overall responsibility for the consulting packages of the contractor, personnel of the consulting company, their work plans (after approval by GIZ) and results; ·

Ensuring the coherence and complementarity of the services of the contractor with other services of the program at the local and national level:

Conception, implementation and monitoring and evaluation of measures for capacity development of the local partners in the following areas:

Advice to partner institutions, training centers, district governments, youth organizations, Financial institutions and relevant companies;·

Responsibility for concept development for education and training aimed at improved employability and employment opportunities and the agricultural and food industry;·

Ensuring the compatibility of project management with established GIZ practice by using Capacity WORKS;·

Consideration of cross-cutting issues (e.g. gender equality);·

Personnel management, in particular, identification of the need for short-term assignments within the available budget as well as planning and control of the assignments and support for local and international short-term specialists;·

Ensure impact monitoring, close and regular consultation with the contract manager and regional project team of the bilateral project and related GIZ projects;·

Regular and timely reporting;·

  1. Support of the DV in the creation and, if necessary, adaptation of the operation plan, project-related research and in the preparation and implementation of an internal evaluation/preparation of a follow-up project, if given·
  2. Responsibility for controlling the use of funds and financial planning in consultation with the GIZ contract manager;·
  3. Support of the AV in updating and/or adapting the concept of the project, in evaluations and in preparing one and subsequent phase;·
  4. Ensure contacts and coordination with other development partners in the region;·
  5. Supporting the cluster manager in the development, presentation and dissemination of the developed concepts and knowledge products in the discussions at the national level;·
  6. Supporting the project manager in the development of PR materials and awareness-raising activities;·
  7. Monitoring of trainees and interns (if any) in their professional environment and feedback/measures to improve the work environment.


Team Leadership Qualifications

  1. University degree (diploma/master), M.Sc. or comparable degree in vocational training, agriculture, agricultural economy, rural development, social sciences or related fields;
  2. Business fluent English (C1 according to the European reference framework); good command of spoken and written German (B2)
  3. 10 years of professional experience in the rural development and / or vocational training sector
  4. 8 years in agricultural value chains, rural vocational training/youth employment or regional economic development
  5. 5 years of leadership experience as a team leader in projects or manager in companies
  6. 5 years of experience in projects in the sub-Saharan Africa region
  7. 5 years’ experience in development cooperation projects
  8.   Experience in cooperation with private companies and financial institutions, application of gender-sensitive approaches and their adaptation, advice on organizational development and participatory processes, monitoring and evaluation)
  9. Proven training in Capacity WORKS
  10. Experience in financial management Client:GIZPosition:

Team leadership region:AfricaCountry:

KenyaLanguages:English (C1) German (B2)



Sector: Agriculture & Agribusiness

Please send a current CV to:



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